EP Hypoid GL-5 SAE 80W-90

Extreme pressure gear oil consisting for “hypoid” differential systems under heavy charged gears, especially those that are charged dynamically with significant sliding friction between the gears functioning under high temperature levels.

API: GL-5 & MT-1,
SAE J2360, Scania STO 1:0, MIL-L-2105E &
ZF TE ML 02B / 05A / 08 / 12A / 12E / 16B / 16C / 16D / 17B / 19B / 21A
* 12x1L (12 plastic bottles of 1L in a cartonbox)

* 1x18L (a plastic pail of 18L)

* 1x60L (a metal drum of 60L)

* 1x204L (a metal drum of 204L)

* 1x1000L (a plastic IBC of 1000L)

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