SHF ISO 22 (Synthetic Hydraulic Fluid)

Synthetic hydraulic fluid enforced with high performance additives for use in extreme cold conditions. It is suggested for use in hydraulic systems operating in refrigerating areas or in a very low temperature climates.

Part III HLPD & HVLP, DIN 51524, US Steel 127 &126, Sperry Vickers M-2950-S & I-286-S, Afnor NF E 48-603, SIS SS 155434, VDMA 24318, Hoesch HWN 2333, Thyssen TH N-256132, Cetop RP91 H, DF TP 02100
* 1x18L (a plastic pail of 18L)

* 1x60L (a metal drum of 60L)

* 1x204L (a metal drum of 204L)

* 1x1000L (a plastic IBC of 1000L)

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